Ennerielly 23 July 2005

Sun Jul 24, 2005 4:43 pm

7 people fished the beach from 8pm to 1am over an incoming tide. There were a number of anglers pegged from the river up towards the 3rd lifebouy when we arrived but we had planned on pegging from the 4th lifebouy up anyway.
Fishing was slow with no bites in the first hour, baits included fresh & frozen Mackeral, fresh & frozen peeler crab, Ragworm and frozen Sandeel. Shortly after 9pm Bert McGregor who was pegged about 50mts past the 4th lifebouy landed a beautiful 6.5lb Smoothound followed about half an hour later with a bigger and very close to specimen Smoothound just short of 7lbs.
Overall though the nights fishing was slow with a number of much smaller Smoothounds, very few Doggies, small Whiting and 2 Rays being caught.