Dalkey - Coliemore & Bullock harbours

Thu Jul 14, 2005 1:50 pm

People: Just me

Duration: Approx. 3 hours

Tide: High tide was 16:30

Weather: Extremely hot and sunny. No wind. Clear water

Bait: Rag

Rigs: Float, weights and 1/0 hook

Results: 3 small wrasse (under 1/2 lb), 2 small pollock (under 1/2 lb) and 2 okay pollock (over 1lb)


I started fishing at 14:00 at Coliemore harbour. There were a couple of decent mullet feeding off the weed covered ropes. There were also more mullet outside the harbour. The only fish that showed an interest in my bait was a wrasse of about 1 lb which I could see attacking my bait because the water was so clear. It was as clear as the water in your bathroom sink. Unfortunately the wrasse didn't take the bait convincingly enough. With this and the fact that the place was starting to get a little packed I decided to head up to Bullock. I caught all my fish from the rocks to the right of the harbour (The big cliffy kind of rocks). The two okay pollock struck at bang on high tide.