courtown del sol

Mon Jul 11, 2005 3:26 pm

thought i might as well throw this report in for the laugh. was down for the raft race in courtown and decided to do a bit of fishing off the pier. myself, friend from dublin, and a chap i got to know from gorey. we weren't really paying much attention to the fishing cause the town was absolutlely buzzing (it was a great laugh and the weather was great).

anyway a speed boat came flying out of the harbour and crossed both my lines and pulled them both in including my tripod and bait box. they all just flew off. the face on me was priceless. all i could do was laugh and that went the same for everyone on the two piers.

but then things really got funny a bunch of spainish lads started shouting and jumping, then decided to strip off and dive off the pier to get all my stuff. everyone around was falling about laughing there asses off, watching these four lads swimming around with all my fishing gear. the tripod sunk to the bottom but we could still see bubbles, so we pointed to them a one of the lads dived down, and when he came up with it in his hand, evryone started cheering and applauding them. they got up on the rocks and took a bow (mad lads).

i must be blessed or something cause any other day, i doubt there would have been a bunch of crazy spainish blocks ready to dive in for me. i should have asked them to get a couple of fish for me while they were down there, cause the fishing was crap :D. my friend took a few photos of it all, so i'll try get them off him and i'll try post them if i can figure it out.

Tue Jul 12, 2005 8:15 am

Great story Big Bass. I head down to Courtown alot, myself and John D were there last Tuesday, and we had nothing. There were alot of people around, and we got a bit browned off with all the activity going on around us(not fishing mind you), so we headed down to Roney Point and had a decent night, a few doggies to pass the time.