[b]ballrean co.clare 10th june[/b]

Sun Jun 12, 2005 11:05 pm

People: myself

Duration: 5hrs

Tide: left at high tide

Weather: bright

Bait: last years mackrel

Rigs: 1 4/0 paresnoster 1 3hook parstestor size 4 i think

Results: 2 samal flounder 2 dogs 1 11lbs aprox thornback ray

Report: i reley enjoyed this mark its just like fishing from a boat talked with a few localls and herd the stories of shark being caght there will give it a go myself once i can spare some buckets of mackrel for ruby duby i would like to say were i fishid it would behopless trying to land any think biger than 14lbs without a drop net becase you are fishing about 20-30 ft up a clif i was at mark 20 by the way the were a a few people makrel fishing but they caught nothing id recomend strong 4/0 hooks and wire trace if i was going there as i lost somthing big due to a broken hook