South Beach Greystones 5th of June 05

Tue Jun 07, 2005 2:25 pm


Myself and a mate


4:00 pm to 9:30 pm


LW at 4:30 pm


Mild enough. Overcast with some fog.


Rag, Sand eel & Mackerel


2 or 3 hook flapper


7 doggies, 3 small plaice, 2 small flounder, 1 small coal fish, 1 small codling for myself and 4 doggies for my mate.


Not a bad evenings fishing although I was hoping for some bigger flatties. There was the odd Sea Trout jumping. My Buddie fished for them for a bit but didn't hook one. One guy caught one about 2lbs about 50 yards away from us.

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Tue Jun 07, 2005 4:42 pm

do you know what the sea trout was caught on?

sea trout

Tue Jun 07, 2005 5:29 pm

i caught this one on south beach on a black/silver 10g jensen spinner.


Wed Jun 08, 2005 11:05 am

have u got a licence gitboy!!!!

Wed Jun 08, 2005 11:46 am

Some black and silver thing Keozer. about 2 inches looked heavy as the guy was casting quite far with it. He seemed to favour a fast retrieve.


Wed Jun 08, 2005 11:58 am

cono-flex SORRY, if i gave u the impression that i hadn't got a license, you will be happy to know that i do... but the night i caught this one. 3 lads with a net and boat caught 9 more and i'm pretty sure they hadn't got one.....

Wed Jun 08, 2005 12:30 pm

I have heard that there is a netting season in that area. It is now confined to 3 weeks of the year. I'm not suggesting that these lads were legal. They might not have been. A lot of illegal netting goes around all over this country. RTE managed to record some illegal salmon netting without any hassle when they were covering the "remove salmon nets now" campain. This was in the middle of the day. And now the Salmon lads are turning their hand to inshore Bass netting. One reason I carry a Camera with me when fishing is so I can C&R and maybe make a post here, the other is to catch these idiots in the act.


Wed Jun 08, 2005 12:37 pm

mac turns yours stomach to see them walkin the beach draggin the net were your fishing .... and then u wonder why u bother....

Wed Jun 08, 2005 12:40 pm

I agree 100% If they were that upfront about it, they might have been legal :?: :?: And we wonder why the salmon and sea trout fishing is in shite? :twisted:


Is that true MAC?

Wed Jun 08, 2005 10:12 pm

My query here is more to MAC than anything else. Although well done gitboy on your beautiful sea trout. Tell me MAC, is that true what you say about these salmon lads now turning their hand to in shore net bass fishing? It saddens me deeply to think so! If it is, how long have they been practicing this? How successful are they? Will they get away with it? Will it have an effect on the already depleted bass stocks? How do you know this? Where did you get your information from? I apologise for the third degree but I'm really interested in the practice of conserving fish stocks. Thanks, John Devlin. :?: :shock:

Thu Jun 09, 2005 10:17 am

PM for you John.


Sat Jun 11, 2005 11:37 am

gitboy wrote:cono-flex SORRY, if i gave u the impression that i hadn't got a license, you will be happy to know that i do...

Gill tags?