Rathlacken East, Co Mayo 6th June 2005

Mon Jun 06, 2005 11:05 pm


Me, a local man and a few tourists


3:30 pm to 7 pm


HW at 5:35 pm, listed at 3 metres


Brilliant sunshine (hot on the rocks!)


Left it in the fridge didn't I!


tried a variety of lures, eventually found a leadhead and shad that did the trick and the local man left me four warm (yeah!) sandeels.


Half a dozen small pollack from .5 to 1 kilo, with not a sniff of a mackerel. /


Water was very rough and there was lots of loose seaweed in the bay. Finally walked all the way down to the very end of Benwee Head and found some excellent wrasse country and some very foul ground. The shore is in flat steps and the ground under the sea is very similar so that you have to cast a long way to find deep water. There is one hotspot (quite obvious as you walk down along) and that is where we all ended up. Lots of small pollack, not a lot else, fishing dies an hour either side of HW. A massive sea trout threw itself out of the water about 150 metres offshore just to add to the frustration. Float fishing did not work - the only tactics that produced a fish was either deep spinning a sandeel or the leadhead and shad, also deep spun beyond and then into the most turbulent water...

Apparently the bay is producing sea trout on the flood to sandeel fished behind a float and ideally off the beach but the rough ground spine and eastern shore are popular with the human seals... (apologies to all seals).

Nice day to be fishing mind, beats gardening! :lol:

Should have gone to Belmullet but was tight on time. Shame...