Mon Jun 06, 2005 1:16 pm

People: me and 2 mates


Tide:1h before 3hrs after

Weather: excellent sunny and warm light sw breeze

Bait: mackrel and sandeel

Rigs: 2 hook scratchers + spinners

Results: 1coalie about 1/2lb to spinner, 3 blennys and few crabs

Report: fished the beach its self for an our or so and got not as much as bite. moved over to try off the rock, mate got a wee coalie on a spinner. again not so much as bite on the baited rods. while we waited for something on th big rods the rest of the day way spent fishing the rock pools for blennys and crabs lol was great craic :D

looks like it would be a good spot for some wrasse and pollack maybe. spoke to few locals that were saying it doesnt really get going up there until july