Howth, Sat, June 5th.

Mon Jun 06, 2005 8:38 am

People: 2, myself and mate

Duration: 10am - 3:30pm

Tide: High, starting to recede

Weather: Sunny, occasional cloud cover, light to strong N/NW winds

Bait: Sandeel, Rag, Squid

Rigs: 3H flaps, couple of scratching rigs and feathers towards the end.

Results: 4 coalies, 9 macks


Coalies were nothing special as you can imagine, the macks were the real surprise. Last couple of hours my mate decided to throw a set of feathers out just in case the macks were in early. First few casts gave nowt, and on his very last one (were about to pack up), he took one decent mack. another cast and another mack. Feeling jealous and downtrodden, i lashed on a set and tried my hand. Second cast...2 first two of the season :D .
Mate then took a full house on his three feather set then i took two. Tried for another while but to no avail, saw a seal off over by Webbs, maybe the reason.
We did note that they were really chunky fellas, only kept two, one each for the grill.

Feels like the season is kicking off when they're in.

They complete me..... :lol: