Portacloy - May 31st

Fri Jun 03, 2005 11:34 pm

People: Myself

Duration: 3 hours


Weather:Overcast but warm. Fresh to moderate northeasterly

Bait:Spinning - jensens/jellyworms/tasmanian devil

Rigs:As above

Results:Mackerel 1 Coalfish 3 Pollock 10

Report:Any amount of small coalies and pollock hitting the lures on most casts. Had hoped to see some bigger pollock from this mark but the best I could muster went close to 2lb. I'm certain bigger fish were there but not feeding. Spoke to two local men who were going out in their currach after pollock and they said that there is plenty of big ones around the rocks here. Met two fellas fishing the pier and they said that the last time they fished here they caught sea trout. Not many places left on this island where you'll see a currach being launched.

Drove back to Donegal via Ballycastle and Killalla, huge expanse of coastline with a good deal of potential going from what I could see from the road. Stunning scenery around here, thankfully not ruined with holiday homes.