Teelin Co.Donegal

Wed Jun 01, 2005 12:22 pm

Me My self and I


2 before high water and 2 after

Tropical sunshine

Sprat Mackerel

Several styles bottom floating and spinning

one lousy mackerel


I went to Teelin on the Back of a report By Irish_Shamrock on arrival i met a local guy who advised me that the Owners of the land Are the also the owners of the Fish Plant on the Pier, and do not want anybody crossing their land so be careful, and I was advised not to ask permission as you will be refused!! :oops:

So after a very poor few Hours off the rocks I returned to the pier where I meet the Skipper of the Nuala Star who invited me to join a small group of Lads from Leeds who had hired his vessel for a 4 hr fishing trip absolutely beautiful day under the mighty Bunglass Cliffs I landed 1 nice Pollock a Gunar and several mackerel very poor fishing but there had be several trawlers in the bay prior that day.

Wed Jun 01, 2005 7:45 pm

did you gain access to rocks over stone wall, cos sometimes ones maybe knock the stones off and that won't please anyone! as for fishin, cos water is so deep there you can fish it from low water, in fact i went there a few weeks ago and had bundles of mackerel as soon as i arrived at low, had a 2 pound ling a dog and was beat by a small conger, this all happened in first 3 hours, 2 hours b4 high tide it went dead, not even a mackerel, so i would recommend a shot from low up. good luck

Wed Jun 01, 2005 8:01 pm

That wasn't mad Paddy Byrne's you were out with was it? He's a legend! :D

From what he was telling us that time we were down the fishing can be very hit and miss.

Mind you in the report I wrote I did say the fish baits produced very little, it was the ragworm which landed all our wrasse and the feathers accounted for the mackeral.