Kilkee, Co. Clare - Georges Head, Black Rock, Pier

Fri May 27, 2005 7:44 pm

People:Ross, Fintan, Mark

Duration:3 hrs.

Tide: Last 3 hrs. of flood.

Weather:Fresh southerly, mild

Bait: Lead Heads/ Red Tails, Dexter Wedge, Bass Bullits, Jelly Worms, Hokais, Kitchen sink!

Results: Georges Head - nil

Results: Black Rock - 1 small Pollock Dexter Wedge for Ross

Results: Pier - First mackerel 2005! On light spin rod, 6 lbs line and small Dexter Wedge for Ross.
Fintan: 3 lbs. Pollock on Hokkai.

Report: Mackerel now being caught at Dunlickey on feathers fished deep.
A large conger (5ft. per reports!) taken from the Pier in Kilkee during the week

Kilkee area

Sat May 28, 2005 9:09 am

Ross, could you give me a bit of advice on marks to fish around Kilkee. I usually fish out at the Bridges, down close to water for Wrasse and Pollack. However anything more than a fresh breeze on a rising tide makes this a dangerous spot to be in. I travel up from Cork and it can be a royal pain to arrive there and not be able to access my favoured mark. IE Last sunday, ended up heading for Carrigaholt pier with absolutely no success. I know that I could stand on the cliffs, but horsing out 6 to 8 oz leads from 40 or 50 feet up to pull in strings of mackerel is not my idea of sport to be honest. Grand occasionally for bait or the pan but not to spend the day at it. What i would be looking for is an alternative mark that is safe to access in windy (ish) weather for Wrasse, Pollack etc. Any advice greatly appreciated, If you dont want to share it with the world, PM me.



Sat May 28, 2005 1:18 pm


No worries re secrecy - I would like to share these marks with genuine anglers!

Marks around Kilkee itself:

The Pier- Pollock, Mackerel, Conger. Frodo has seen big Mullet here.
The old timers in Kilkee will tell you it fishes best on the ebb as the fish falling back with the tide come close to the pier. A mad place in the height of summer with boats and swimmers but try early morning or late evening.

The Black Rock, behind the Pier and Below the Golf Club, -
Fishing in narrow sheltered gullies
Pollock, Conger, Wrasse, Triggerfish some Bull Huss at times.

Georges Head - Go to the end of the road beside the Golf Links and park. Short walk over metal bridge and out to the head. There are gullies here that can be fished in good conditions for Pollock, Mackerel, Wrasse, Conger. Can be sheltered here in fresh southerly but watch for swells. Frodo and myself had goood pollock here on Jelly worms and Dexter Wedge fishing in a fresh southerly.

The Beach-Western End
where small stream crosses beach.
Good flounder here in Autumn. Some Bass in surf. Coalfish in winter.

Diving Boards on way to Pollock Holes, West End
Fish from ledge under the boards. Groundbaiting necessary.
Big mullet taken here float fishing bread.
Early morning or late evening.

Pollock Holes
Fish on the Diving Board side half way out along reef at LW for Pollock on Dexter Wedges or deep spun sandeel. Scuba divers report red mullet here but I have yet to catch one ( a red mullet!). Chest waders needed or swim togs on a summers day! You will be standing on rounded boulders and it's a bit uncomfortable but worth it!

Diamond Rocks, Pollock Holes near Amphitheatre. Pitch and Putt course nearby. Deep gullies.
Good pollock Dexter Wedges, Jelly Worms, Lead Heads.
Fishes good near dusk. Good spot to try Fly fishing as you are close to the water!

There are many more marks around Kilkee but these should get you started and have an option that if one is unfishable you will have a fallback.

I will be based in Clare full time from Mid July so feel free to PM or Em
me if you are coming up and we can meet for some fishing.

Agree with you re horseing leads from high cliffs. A mackerel on light gear is geat sport!

Tight Lines!

Sat May 28, 2005 3:21 pm

Thanks for that Ross, thinking of heading up there tomorrow so advice should come in handy. Will def give you a shout during summer, looking for a team to tackle that slab of rock mentioned in a previous post!