Norway trip

Fri May 27, 2005 4:25 pm

People: 4 of us ,myself , neil ,michael , ian .

Duration: 6 days


Weather: cold

Bait: coalie


Results: cod,haddock,torsk,wolf-fish,norway haddock, halibut ,whiting .


A few of us booked this holiday late last year after reading all about the size of cod that could be caught .
Didn't get of to a great start when on arrival in skervoy (N. of tromso ) we were informed that the holiday company had screwed up our booking for two boats for the week ,we ended up fishing with 2 boats for 3 days then all of us squeezing into 1 boat for the remaining three !!
soon cheered up after first days fishing though , plenty of cod, none massive but not bad size average fish around 8lb and we all caught our first torsk .
second day saw us fishing on a couple of banks 2 miles offshore they were shallow enough for me to use my trusty bait caster and mini pirk which resulted in torsk up to 9lb which are good fun but hard work in 100+ feet of water . ian caught first wolf-fish of the trip and if you think conger are bad for biting things you want to try one of these things .
day three saw a change from the cold snowy weather to wet and windy so we had to shelter on back of the island , michael had best cod of holiday so far 15 lb here and neil caught first of the halibut while spining for coalies with his bait caster ,it was only 4 lb but still took around five minutes to land .
days four and five were spent with the four of us in the one boat (17 foot )so for safety reasons we didn't venture to far but still had some cracking fishing with torsk to 14lb and still more cod and wolf-fish .
the last day we managed to contact a local charter skipper who agreed to take us out for the day ,first mark he took us to was only half a mile from were we'd been doing most of our fishing and we all kicked our selves when after the first drift we all had cod between 15-18lb and plenty of them ,after a few drifts the skipper decided to head out a bit and see if we could connect with some of the bigger ones we read about ,after five hours of fishing we had boated approx 500 kilos of cod with 3 fish over 20lb for michael and one lost halibut .
we are already trying to get ourselves organised for next year ,only this time doing all bookings ourselves so there are no cock ups ,plus it will work out alot cheaper .