Fri May 27, 2005 3:10 pm

People:Me.myself and I.

Duration:11.30 am to 3.15pm

Tide:low at 1.30 pm

Weather:overcast and flat calm

Bait:Squid(couldn't get any mackeral)


Results:1 thornie,2 doggies

Good signs that the ray are moving into the bays of kerry.It was tough going as I couldn't grt any mackeral for my prefered cocktail of squid/mackeral but caught all three fish about 1/2 hour into tthe flood and then not even a nibble.Thornie was about 5lbs.Myself and SeanP caught 5 thornies to about 8 lbs last week on the boat within casting distance from the end of Rossbeigh so the ray are coming in.Hopefully the stingray will make an appearance soon.