Greystones Sth Beach

Wed May 11, 2005 8:33 am

Havent had time to post this til now.

Fri Overnight: 9pm-5am.
Bait: Rag, Lug, Sandeel, Squid, Mack, Mussell

Started out a wet windy night with three of us on the beach. Rain eased off around 1'ish, strong winds were constant. Not much of a surf but we gave it a blast. HT was around 11:20pm and a pretty constant SE was blowing.
First 2 hours threw up 5 dogs, 2 to me, both on squid and mack combo.
Then after is was a mixture of codling and whiting and, all of no real size. Half a mack was tried for tope, but its too early methinks. So after a long cold windy night we ended up with 5 dog, 4 codling and a couple of whiting.
I hear the north beach is producing, maybe we should have changed marks mid way.

Wed May 11, 2005 12:40 pm

alright wes, why pick greystones for an all nighter? when u hav clones+kilgorman only down the road, both with a decent chance of picking up a decent fish or two, done well on both this beaches last summer for bass,ray and smoothies..not having a go r anything just wondering why greystones!!

Thu May 12, 2005 8:18 am

No real reason. Was a bit of a last min thing, agreed we'd head out to Greystones. Will keep in mind those other two beaches for the next time.
cheers cono :wink: