Bridges Of Ross, Nr. Kilkee, West Clare

Tue May 10, 2005 7:49 pm

Fished from the slab of rock to the left hand side of the mackerel bashers point on Sunday last. Fished from 2 to 5 pm before high winds and rough tides forced us back. In spite of a near gale force wind blasting in on top of us and turning the usually quiet pool into an absolute cauldron, the fishing wasnt bad at all. Managed 5 pollack, biggest tipping the scales at 3 1/2 pounds rest all around the 2lb mark. All fell to a deep spun sandeel. The mackerel are back too, and its damn good to see them, took a dozen home for the frying pan, all of a good size. Spent an hour trying to tempt some of the big wrasse that haunt this spot with crab and mussel baits but they werent having a bit of it, mind you, conditions were extremely rough. Was a good afternoons fishing overall the only downside being the long drive back to Cork.

One thing I would say is that this spot can attract its own particular breed of lunatic. The conditions on sunday were extremely rough, with a high tide combined with a strong wind making life awkward. Being a regular to this spot, I never venture near it on my own or without a life jacket. The spot itself involves a climb down some extremely slippy rocks and leaves you about 4/5 feet up from the sea at points. This didnt put off some of the fools who upon seeing myself and my buddy down there from venturing down. No life jackets, no sense of the danger they were putting themselves in waving their brand new bought from Lidl rods around. One guy in particular stood 2 feet from the edge of the rock as close to the sea as he could get with waves washing around behind him soaking his feet from time to time. This on a rising tide! Absolute lunacy. I wouldnt mind but he totally ignored the warnings we gave him and the invitation to fish alongside us in a slightly safer location. Lack of knowledge and experience was acutely obvious. This particular spot needs to be tackled very carefully indeed and is not the place for someone on their first trip out with their brand new rod. It was infuriating.

Wed May 11, 2005 1:20 pm

Nice spot to fish allright should get better later on in the summer I fished there before and had the same problem with careless people fishing near me.

There is supposed to be good ling there caught on big strips of mackerel from time to time and also cod during the winter.

Wed May 11, 2005 3:04 pm

I reckon there is an absolute world of opportunity in that particular spot being as you are fishing in at least 40 metres of water in places. Any ideas on the best way to have a crack for those ling? Only way I have found to present a bait is straight down, tight to the rock keeping in full contact with the lead weight at all times, its an absolute graveyard for tackle otherwise and anything lobbed into the middle of the hole and let touch bottom gets snagged. Have you heard of any other species other than the wrasse, pollack, scad and mackerel that seem to be there in abundance?

Wed May 11, 2005 11:53 pm

pete have a look at

i am sure Mike thrussell has some info on targeting shore ling. one thing i do know is that he swears by mackeral fillet fished below a 3" lenght of glow in the dark rig tubing.

Fri May 13, 2005 4:46 pm

This can be a good mark for Triggerfish late August early September.
I suspect Tope and Blue Shark as I have seen large fish tear into the mackerel shoals in recent years in this area. A lot of mackerel fall back when being hauled up the cliff producing great rubby-dubby.

I lost a monkfish here in the late 60's!

I had a tug-of war with a seal here last summer. It got the better half of a pollock of about 8 lbs.

I too , after warning reckless anglers in this area, have been told to "pay a visit to a Taxidermist at my own expense!"
Clare Co. Council should erect a Warning Sign.
Some might take notice!
You should see the Litter in this area after the mackerel season is over!
Waste line, plastic bags etc. Us local anglers gather it up when we should be fishing! I know locals also contribute to the litter and we are trying to educate them.


Sat May 14, 2005 8:41 am

I dont believe Seal goes too well with chips anyway so not to worry! What amazes me about this spot, not that im complaining mind you, is that virtually everybody insists on fishing over the top of each other on the actual cliffs, even in calm seas in the heights of summer. Myself and my girlfriend, (Actually a very competent angler after being browbeaten into taking it up!) have on umpteen occasions made our way onto the slab of rock to the right and had fantastic sport with wrasse and pollack with all the room and peace in the world whilst you may have 20 or so lads on the cliffs horsing out feathers with tangles and frayed tempers all around.
Its a fantastic spot, one which I hope to get a few lads together to tackle in the summer time with varying tactics to see just what we can pick up from there. I get the feeling Ive only scratched the surface with that spot as the depth of water there is incredible. Best fish I have taken from there so far have been pollack around the 6 to 61/2 pound mark but have on numerous occasions lost much bigger fish, particularly when bottom fishing, Conger perhaps? Im going to tackle it with some boat gear and fillets of mackerel next time im up there, hopefully next weekend and see what happens.

Sat May 14, 2005 11:18 am

Just a word of warning there are some dodgy people who fish here during the summer and its best not get into any conflict with them as they are capable of anything myself and my girlfriend fished it a lot and she crossed a few which lines were in her way not theirs and I had to bite my lip from the comments they were making.

These people are not locals but come from a city near by and 99.9% of the people from that city are sound as a pound but you get the minute minority who ruin it for everyone............