Sligo - Rosses Point & Enniscrone Beach

Mon May 09, 2005 1:57 pm

I had a little time last week to go fishing and managed about 3 hours at Enniscrone.

Friday 6th May 1.30 - 5.30 pm. (HW 5.45pm) - Westerly turning North Westerly.

I had been hoping to fish early in the week and at a different spot as my last few experiences on Enniscrone beach have been very bad, blanks and the odd tiddler flattie. A better surf was there early in the week but by the time I got to fish on Friday it was a bit too rough only the odd brave or mad surfer ventered out. Anyway I was desperate and knew that in those conditions flats were out so I decided that Bass or sea-trout were the only option. I was using mackeral and sandeel on 1up 1Down rigs (1/0 & 2/0) and 2 Paternosters (1 & 1/0). After a biteless hour at the entrance to the small river (Bellawaddy) I moved to the promenade as the tide was ripping in very fast. There are one or two holding areas just out from the rocks that can produce. My second cast here was met with a thump thump bite immediately followed by the same. Boy did I wake up, I struck and reeled in at first I thought it had got off as there was no resistance because the fish was coming towards me like an express train, but I did connect about 50 yards in front of me and I was then able to see my catch. A nice sea-trout leapt out of the water taking my fixed 4oz lead with him. I walked back trying to be calm, but knew the undertow was going to cause problems because I could bearly stand as the sand kept washing away under my feet. Anyway I tried to be as calm as possible and it worked as I eventually landed it. A good fish 2lbs 4oz, not a monster but my best sea-trout. It just shows if you don't get in there you won't catch anything thinking about it.

I met an English guy who was fishing from the rocks in front of the Boat club at Rosses Point. This was on Wednesday afternoon on a incoming tide. I fished the spot in winter before and had a few small coddling, but he had a 1.5ib Bass on crab. He said he fished the spot now and again and had Bull Huss and Smoothhound in the channel. The Channel is virtually impossible to hold on large tide as the water rips in, but the more I think about it the ground looks like big fish terriority. Has anybody any experience of this fishing in the north west or at Rosses point. There is also a mark about 200 yards left of the boat club where the channel is closest to that side and it can be a very good flounder mark on neaps. He mentioned he had plenty in the past. I have had one there and therefore tend to believe him about the Bull Huss and Smoothhound?