Torr Head 01/05/05

Sun May 01, 2005 8:55 pm

fished torr head, off to the left of the lookout but not as far out as the island (looked a bit slippy and dodgy to get to lol). fished from 2-6 high tide around 4.30

we fished the bottom using rag, mackrel and sandeel.

caught nowt for the first hour, moved literally 20m to the right and fish on the first cast :D decent but small pollock about 1.5-2lb mark took rag and mackrel.

2 casts later got a small doggy about 1lb then my mate got 2 shortly after again around 1-1.5lb mark.

very rough ground it seems, between the 3 of us we lost about 5 full rigs and weights etc :(.

also tried spinning using, sandeel, jelly worms and normal spoon type spinners. lost them as well :(

so 4 fish and a couple lost, best day ive had since about october lol.