Wexford - Donaghmore

Sun Mar 27, 2005 6:37 pm

Hello fellow conservative sea anglers,

Myself and Codswollop fished Roney point for an hour on Thursday 24th March. We fished from 3.30 -> 4.15. It was a dull overcast day. The waves were very high and strong. High tide was at 8 o'clock that night. Codswollop was using a German sprat but got into some difficulties with his reel and gave up after 20 minutes. I was using a dexter wedge. I went down to the far end of Roney where the rocks stick out and form a kind of miniature rocky island. I carefully crawled along the edge of the cliff. After my second cast from that spot I lost my lure to some rocks or weed and I followed Codswollop in giving up. The reason we gave in to mother nature so easily was because of the night ahead. Sea conditions were good. High tide was yet to arrive. We were armed with rag, mackerel, sandeel, razor and peeler. It was coming to the end of March so hopes were high. We headed back up to the mobile and came back down to Donaghmore at about 5.30. We fished all through the night and up to about 3 o'clock in the morning. It wasn't great but we were catching fish. Codswollop hooked 2 doggies, a couple of whiting and a starfish. I hooked a couple of whiting, a dab and a crab. Everything was small except for the dogs. We used up most of the bait. We had about 60 rag left over which I was dying to use but I finally gave up by Sunday when no one would agree to bring me out anywhere so I threw the rag into my back garden. They might breed with the earth worms and produce some super worm that is great for bait. Who knows???

Until our next trip,
Take care :wink: