Greystones - Harbour Wall Saturday 20th March

Mon Mar 21, 2005 2:54 pm

Meself and a pal hit Greystones around 5.30 and tried out some new spinning gear off the rocks for the first half hour or so. Nothing doing, and no surpise given the calm conditions. It was a smashing day. sunny and calm and the pier was fairly busy with young anglers. By the time we finished our little spate of spinning there was a bit of room at the near end of the pier so we set up there.

High tide was around 6.30 so we decided to fish until 9 and see how we got on. Weather stayed nice with just a slight breeze rising later on in the evening. It was fairly quiet all round. Some reports from further down the pier of very small plaice and whiting. We bagged a small whiting, a half decent codling (over the pound anyways) and something that looked like a 'Bullhead' :?: (according to the species guide on this site) but was called a rock bream by one of the lads fishing beside me. According to my mate they are very common around east coast shorlines but it was the first time catching one so hurray, another species added to the list :) . That, however, was our lot for the night. Could have been better but at least we didn't blank. Squid, frozen lug and ragworm were the baits used. Snagging was a problem at that end of the pier and I did lose one rig despite my best efforts with floating beads etc. All in all a pleasant evening's fishing but will expect better sport as the year goes on.