Bailey 20th March

Mon Mar 21, 2005 9:54 am

Bailey East and West sides.
Bait: Lug/White Rag/Mussel/Squid/Sandeel

Got out to the eastern side of the Bailey for 6:45am, tide heading out. Two of us, tried a combo of baits, not even a nibble. Stayed there till about 10am then headed over the western side. Again tried various combos, but not a thing. Fog was down, but not too thick, water was slightly choppy then calmed down to just ripples. Headed home about 1pm.
Normally I'd give it hell and stay till 6 or 7pm, but if you're fishing with someone that has their eye on their watch, waiting for a bite, you'll find they get fed up very quickly. The phrase " its called fishin' not catchin' " was never more true.

Well Wes, here's your cheque book and pen.......blankety blank!