John D & Codswollop Reporting from Wexford

Wed Mar 02, 2005 2:35 pm

Hello everyone,

Myself and Codswollop have just returned from a nice two day (or night) session in Wexford. We fished two Wexford marks. One a beach and one a pier. On the first night we fished the beach on an incoming tide and nearly all the way down to the ebb. The action never stopped. We caught rockling, whiting, flounder, coalies and dab. We had 18 fish in total. Nothing big. There was one decent size flounder and one decent size whiting and rockling. The fish were taken on sandeel, lug and rag. It was freezing cold and the sea was like a lake.

On the second night we fished the pier with similar tidal conditions. Again it was freezing cold but there was a slight ripple brought by the breeze that wasn't with us the night before. There were two codling taken on sandeel (small codling), one whiting taken on rag (small whiting) and a large dogfish taken on squid. Not as hectic as the previous night but an okay session none the less. Not to mention the endless laughter. A very memorable session indeed.

Until next time - :wink: