garron point and waterfoot 02/02/05

Wed Feb 02, 2005 9:37 pm

fished garron point today from 12-2 (hightide @ 4.30) used mackrel squid and rag got no bites and nothing on the spinners either :( had to leave before we got stranded by the incoming tide.

moved to water foot for 2.30 and stayed to 7 nothing caught until after 6 and then it was only 2 small coalies less than 8" long each!

most exciting bit of the day was 2 ribs with Royal Navy commandos on board coming into the pier at water foot!!!! scared the crap out of us! thought we getting invaded!!! then they started shooting..................with their cameras :P. we seen a navy ship on the way up the coast. they just came in on the ribs for some sightseeing and photos of the hills lol

all in all not a great day ill have to find somewhere better to fish