Donaghadee Pier 23/01/05 - Davy has a 'special' day.

Mon Jan 24, 2005 11:33 am

2 Fished Donaghadee with Lug, Mack, Crab, and Squid.
Ummm windy, So Windy, where did it come from? Where was it going? Nobody knows!
Davy Caught 3 Pouting, and 3 Codling, I Blanked. Which I put down to using a 6/0 Pulley Rig.
I've entitled this Davy has a special day due to the following:

1: Davy Cracks off First Cast.
2: Davy gets tangled in Braid for 5 Minutes
3: Davy Hooks Floatation Suit
4: Davy Cracks off again.
5: Davy Gets Large Tangle in braid (Many Many Swearwords)
6: Wind gets up so far, the 'Dee is unfishable
7: Walking down the pier Davy drops his Bucket, contents include a knife, which he proceeds to stab himself in the hand with.
Davy needs some Golf clubs.