Fri Jan 14, 2005 4:54 pm

4 takers this time, loads of traces lost on the rocks this place has to be made for ron of are group congor at your feet.
i got a mixed bag lots of flat fish(4) some pollock(3) and just for k2 (4 )codling not bad.
Everyone did the same but the clear winner had to be josie costas (portugese) he got a straping cod (yes cod send pic 2 u k2) no scales but at best 8-9lb. took from the big rock beside pans rock lots of cover around this point.
Weather poor but no rain, dont need to loose so much tackle but shame only down point. Bait was sandell,mac,squid and rag and for a laugh indo prawns no good the last one should have lit a fire and bbq them. hope to see ron and k2 out next one , we need to pic a better date want a congor ron.