Greystones Pier - 6/1/05

Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:53 pm

With high winds forecast I wanted to keep it comfortable, so I fished Greystones pier from 2:30pm until 10:30pm (I just never know when to quit!!), but the weather was unusually warm I'm surprised I came home at all! Had bait coming out my ears: lug, mussels, peeler, squid, mackerel. Not a very productive session, but there were plenty of small fish to keep me interested and hoping. Countless small whiting as usual with the biggest two being around 1/2lb, also a couple of plaice, dab and a codling, all small. :( Even with all the bait I had, I couldn't help sticking a fish'n strip on and it took one of the larger whiting!! Maybe they're just bored with all the usual food and they're looking to broaden the culinery horizons! Anyway, not the best session ever, but a long way off a blank at least! :D