Glin-Shannon Estuary-28 Dec

Wed Dec 29, 2004 2:26 pm

Fished last night in blustery rain and wind from 5pm till 10 pm, high water 6pm.Mackerel and sandeel.
This will be the shortest report Ive ever posted. 5 bites, 1 fish.A dab bumping the scales at 1 1/2, maybe 2 ounces.
Still, blew away the mince pies and hangovers
PS The clare side of the estuary is constantly outfishing the limerick side these days, from now on we'll be fishing the clare side

Wed Jan 05, 2005 10:24 am

I fished Glin twice (once the day before this) over chrimas but only got a sea trout and a lost fish which gave a good scrap until it fell off with shock leader in site. I think the rough conditions due to the westerlies didn't do the mark any good. On my last session after dark at the start of a neap flood my bait was being hammered by whiting. I had no time to make up rigs so I only had ones with 2/0 hooks so no hook ups. Neilus tells me hes had specimen dab on this mark in January.