North Beach Greystones. Sat 25

Thu Sep 30, 2004 10:41 pm

. Vasu (fly fisherman, virgin sea fisher) Jonathon Moloney and I fished the North beach in Greystones from 6pm till 12am, high tide being about 9pm. We met John T and his friend Peter who had been there from about 2.30. At about 7 directly infront of us about 5 yards from shore the water started to boil with bait fish. There were fish jumping through them chasing them onto the beach which was littered with suicidal bait fish. Jonathon spun a toby through this picking off a few nice mackerel. I spun with a storm shad and a husky jerk rapala in the hope that there might have been some bass involved in the ambush without any success. Vasu spun with a set of micro baits. These are tiny hooks with a strip of flashy plastic. These worked incredibly Vasu picking off at least 1 fish with every cast. He pulled in some mackerel some whiting and a lovely pollack of about 2 lbs. Compared to Fly fishing he thought this was crazy. "Too easy the fish just jump onto your hooks!!" This died down when night fell so we all switched to bait. Most of the action from the rest of the night was from doggies. My reel started to hum so I knew I had more than a doggie on board. After some fantastic rod pumping I pulled in a congor eel of about 3lbs. A fantastic fight!!! especially after catching a belly ful of doggies [/img]


Thu Sep 30, 2004 11:44 pm

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Sat Oct 02, 2004 10:46 pm

I never saw so many types of bait at the one time in my life.Mussel,razorfish,squid,mackeral,rag,sand eel, for a while I thought Ed had knocked of the local fishmongers on his way to the venue. It was a great nights fishing and Ed was was a gentleman and very helpful to a newbie like myself.