Portrane - Mon 27th

Wed Sep 29, 2004 4:08 pm

Fished low water (18:00 till 20.00) around the rocks to the right of the martello tower in Portrane.
Used Yo Zuri Mag Poppers and crystal minnows, but alas, yet another blank at this mark.
Conditions were perfect, but didnt even see a bass...
Is there any bass being caught anywhere????
Getting pretty desperate after 8 blanks on the trot.
Please PM me if you have any info>>>


Thu Sep 30, 2004 7:47 am

Was in Henry's last week and he said 6 specimen bass had been caught around the martello tower (up as far as the dinghy club) in Sutton this summer. He said plugging was the best tactic, waders were needed, and the water had to be weed free (it needs to be calm for a few days before you fish in other words). I've caught bass on this stretch this summer so it's definitely possible if you fish a rising tide in the evening.

Dollymount is also fishing well, there have been lots of bass caught there recently according to a friend "in the know". Best fished with bait in a surf though.

Thu Sep 30, 2004 7:48 am

PS - if you are just sick of not catching fish, and need a confidence booster, take a look at my report on Howth East pier for last night!