Greystones - South Beach

Sun Sep 19, 2004 3:12 pm

Arrived 7am and set up near the South Beach Car Park. There's a few low rocks straight out from the tunnel under the railway. These are covered in kelp and I thought the fish might be interested. Fishing 3 hook flappers with flouro snoods baited with rag or rag/squid combos. I had a few bites on the rod closest in (10 yards or so), but when I reeled in, I found a bit of resistance and then nothing. The trace and weight came in, but all 3 hooks were gone! I thought I'd better check the rod further out and found the same thing - resistance at first then nothing - all 3 hooks gone again!! On examining the snoods, all the hoods were missing at the point where the beads were on the line. I've been putting the the line through one bead and through again. Then threading 4 or 5 more beads on and double threading the last one to keep them in place. I think the flouro cannot take the strain of this double threading and snaps too easily.

After an hour or so, I moved up to the end of the beach closest to the town, by the rocks. Just after Alan, my friend from work came, I pulled in a small flounder, but that was it. Alan pulled in a very small pollack and a dab and after a few good bite indications on the rod tip, pulled in an eel about 2.5 feet long! Nothing after that. I've heard reports of fish in Greystones, maybe I just chose the wrong spot.

Wed Sep 22, 2004 9:09 pm

you were fishing int he clean ground fish down at ballygannon which is down at the very end of the beach theres some fish here. good ones too.

Thu Sep 23, 2004 5:27 am

Still couldn't find the way to the gannons, so stuck to the beach. Next time I'll probably just walk from the south car-park to the gannons.