black head a few years ago

Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:01 pm

well here is probably the bigst fish i ever lost a few years ago i was in black head i was fishing near the light house it was about june or july i was wathcin the rod rod whean i got the bigest bite i ever saw the hole rod and rod rest were puled a cople of yards twards the see before it got loged in between rocksi ran to the rod and striked but there was nothing i waited a few miniute to see if whatever it was would take it again i rlaled in to see what it was now heres the intresting bit the hook was bit cleanly off the trace no chew like you would normally see if was a conger gust clean like as if you cut it with a knife so this leads me to belive that there are tope or maybe evan porbegal around there