Left side of Bailey LH

Thu Aug 19, 2004 8:36 am

Wed 19th - 5:30pm-8pm
Bait: Rag/Sandeel

Only got out for a couple of hours with a mate.
Fished the left side of the Bailey. First rod using float about 5ft out with only rag. Got main rod ready with 1 up 1 down rig, cocktail of both rag and sandeel. Mate was susing 2 hook flapper. Still nothing after an hour. He decided to just stick rag on the hooks, with nothing else. Coupld of mins later he took in a small joey. Then I took a Dab, which I was happy to see, with it being so long since ive been out. I changed gear to 3 hookai and on first cast, landed 2 good sized macks. Two casts later I got 2 more and a small pollack, full line! Mate stuck to the same rig and took a dog, which i was surprised at, cos it was getting fairly choppy, then a final pollack for him. Was changing the bait on the float, and float position quite often, but blanked on that rod, maybe should have ledgered with it.
Not a bad couple of hours. Sure even if I had blanked, was good to get out.

Thu Aug 19, 2004 11:27 pm

good to here you got out Wes. fair play- they'll never stop ye fishin!