Bass Cashen estury

Wed Aug 18, 2004 1:11 pm

Fished the cashen estuary 17/08/04 there was a guy there when I arrived he had 2 good bass caught 5-6 pound, and just hit the tired as I arrived
4-5 pound he was spinning a large tobby, I had arrived with mackerel and some razor fish, load up a 2 hook rig and noting on that it was just about high tied when I arrived. but I did get on a plug with the spinning rod 4-5.

The thing with the cashen estuary is it's better fished on the south shore if you are spinning but on this side it is impossible nearly to use bait a it is full of rocks and weed. We have also got bass on the storm beach on the ballybounion side as well as flaties bottom fishing key here is a short cast
at a right angle to the estuary.

but if you want a bass for tea spin on the shout side.

One other point is there is lot of lug on the sout side as you drive to the