Greater Weaverfish

Sat Aug 14, 2004 4:38 pm

My girlfriend was saying about taking a young cousin to fish for crabs, and I recalled doing the same when I was young. I found that streaky bacon worked really well, but it wasn't only crabs that found bacon to their taste. I caught a strange elongated fish which was blue underneath... my dad didn't know what it was so we asked a nearby angler.. He said it was a greater weaverfish and it was poisonous and got it back into the river for us.

I came across the species guide on the sea-angling-ireland website, and the picture of the Greater Weaverfish; well I knew that's what I caught. However, it also says underneath:

Boat tactics: A nasty fish, one to be avoided! It has never been recorded captured by rod and line in Irish waters, but it does live here and may show up when fishing for flatfish. Use a strong glove on the spines.

Shore tactics: Never been a report of one caught from the shore but avoid them - the only tactic you need to know is how to recognise one, preferably before it injects venom into you or a curious unfortunate child.

While the event happened on the quay in Dartmouth, in England, I just thought I'd let you know it is possible to catch one from the shore and with just a line.. (Not to mention a pack of Tesco's Streaky ;) )