Tue Aug 24, 2021 9:03 pm

I've been fishing for bass a few times now,But with no luck.I've been fishing by the blennerville windmill but i don't know what lures to use i bought a few lures and fished them on low tide ,But The bass seemed completely disinterested in the lures,The bass are defenetly there since i caught one on lug,Also Saw them jumping a few times.I saw them feeding on small I mean 0.25 cm Schools of minnows by the shore, If any one could point me in what Lures i could try out that would be great!

Re: Bass

Sun Aug 29, 2021 9:15 am

The easiest lures to get your hands on that work very well are:
Kilty Catcher in plain silver 20g, will cost you about €4 and it’s a great lure.
Savage Gear Sandeel Pencil Lure in natural sandeel colour 13g, about €7.
I would put an extra split ring between the treble and the lure on each of those, will make it harder for fish to throw the lure, a must have if there’s any seatrout about.
OSP DoLive Stick 6 inches, weedless rigged on an offset 5/o Owner Hook, deadly soft plastic.
Those 3 lures can cover every Bass Fishing Shore Mark.
I wouldn’t spend mad money on tacklehouse feed shallow etc, they’re overrated and you can find more effective lures for less money with a bit of research (eg Ima Lipper 90mm is lethal).
Good luck.

Re: Bass

Thu Aug 03, 2023 2:49 pm

How to find bass spots? What are the best times to catch it?

Re: Bass

Sun Aug 20, 2023 1:56 pm

It takes a while to find your bass mark. Kinda tough to get this info in a public forum. Its a lot of experience and failure before you find your best and favorite marks. I'd say try it yourself or join a group or get tips from your local tackle shops. Tight lines!
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