Few questions from newcommer

Mon Nov 24, 2014 11:22 pm

Let me introduce myself first.
Currently I'm living in Bulgaria and I'm addicted to sea fishing, especially kayak fishing. Six years ago I discovered fishing in Mediterranean sea which may be was mistake, because now I'm spending all my free time there :) But things in Bulgaria does not went in to the right direction, so I decided to change the country. I'm planning to relocate to Dublin next year. So, I'm making research about my probable new location.
At first place, what should I expect from fishing around Ireland? Here I'm fishing only with artificial baits - spinning and jigging and the targets are sea bass, amberjack, bonito, tuna, barracuda, bluefish, snapper, grouper and dorado.
Second, what kind of paperwork is needed for kayak fishing? I mean licenses, insurances, boat registration, some other things that coast guard requires from you? For example in Greece it was almost impossible to take all licenses needed for kayak fishing, I spend almost one year collecting papers, but in the other way nobody there take a care about it.
Third question. Is there some kind of public storage that can rent for my kayaks? I have two boats - Malibu X13 and Hobbie Adventure Island. Hobbie needs storage area as two normal SOT kayaks, and currently I'm paying about 20 euro monthly for both boats.
And last question, which is not very important, but I was wondering, when is the best season for kayak fishing at your side? For example, at Black Sea you can catch something in June and September - November, in Aegean and Ionian seas it depends on species, but you can catch different kinds of fish from September to May.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Few questions from newcommer

Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:06 pm

Welcome to the club, hopefully I can be of some help!
You can fish all around the coast and with Donegal being a haven for the bait fishermen and Cork a haven for the lures fishermen(just my opinion. I fish the East Coast around Dublin and use mainly bait but lures can work well in the right spots.
As for paperwork the only one you need at the moment is one for a VHF radio having said that I do not know of anyone ever been prosecuted for using a radio in an emergency. Insurance is at your own discretion. Lake fishing can be different as permits can be needed in some lakes.
Fine kayaks ! I would think you would get storage fairly handy for much the same maybe €5-10 more