Anchor Trolley

Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:32 pm

Most of us that bait fish from our kayak require the use of an anchor trolley. Its a very simple rigging that allows us to shuffle the line-out to our anchors from the from the side of the kayak to the front or back which keeps us turned into the swell as oppose to side on

I firstly tied a stainless steel pulley to the front handle of the kayak using some bungee and then added a stainless steel carbine to the handle in the middle of the kayak then very simply ran 3mm rope through the pulley and carbine to make a continuous loop
Anchor Trolley 001_500x375.jpg

Anchor Trolley 002_500x375.jpg

I decided to do this anchor trolley in two seperate halves as the handles are in perfect positions, it could have been done as one, just as easy. I then repeated the process at the rear.
Anchor Trolley 005_500x375.jpg

I was a little worried about the pulley bouncing or rubbing against the hull so I very simply added a strip of rubber underneath to prevent any rubbing. I also lined the rear bungee area with rubber to prevent any scacthing from my anchor when I stow it under the bungees.
Anchor Trolley 007_500x375.jpg

All in at about €15 and 10 minutes work, best part is no holes needed.

Tight lines
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