East Coast Meet 2014

Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:04 pm

Last years Irish Kayak Angling held its its 2nd annual East Coast meet at a venue in Wexford called Cahore. Why fix it if its not broke, this year was to be the same venue. Its a nice venue to fish especially in a westerly with good fishing to be had close to the launch facilities. There is a reef within 300m from the launch spot and fairly clean shallow ground to be had about 600m out from the launch. This in mind the main targets were to be Bass and Smoothounds but we would also have Dabs, Whiting and Dogfish as well.
Cahore 010_475x356.jpg

I arrived at the venue at 11am Saturday morning to be greeted by Pat and Wynn aka "the lady in the van" and we shared our stories and past ventures as its been 7 months since we last met up. We were soon followed by Kevin who had an excellent two days fishing. Pat was quick to show us his pictures from the night before, some fine hounds!
We weren't long getting geared up when Mick our NEWBIE arrived (LOL) and soon on the water. I firstly headed straight out to target the hounds. 22ft of water and a fast tide, dropped the anchor and baited up with some peeler and hard backs. A few small bites indicated the pin whiting were on the prowl and the little __ were fleecing the bait. They were followed by Dogfish and a wee Tub Gurnard
By now the number of kayaks on the water was up to about ten and we were all fishing hard but the hounds were scarce. Again Kevin lead the way with the first hound of the day and I followed shortly. Pat and Mick headed further out with Joe testing his new motor. Both Pat and Joe had some hounds.
Cahore 009_475x356.jpg

As it was fairly quiet we headed in for a bite to it. After a quick chat with Kevin I decided on the lure rod as oppose to bait fishing, he also gave me a Black Minnow lure to try out. We set off on our merry way to the reef where we were fishing 2-5ft ft over and around a reef. 2nd cast in and bang fish on. It was to be a first for me an estimated 3-4lb
Cahore 011_475x356.jpg

The rest of the day was fairly quiet for me with more dogs and whiting but there was good bass had to about 6lb. That night seen us in the local pub where the usual banter and craic were washed down with a few beverages. During the early hours I was woke up by a few hooligans trying to light a BBQ, dear lord Pat nearly lost his Camper van to a Diesel fuelled BBQ.
Sean was first up to call us but unfortunately there were a few groggy heads , Brian he didn't even pull down the sun visor !
Cahore 021_475x356.jpg

The reef was in full swing with the lads hitting bass hard especially Graham, I chose to target the hounds again as I had more crab than I knew what to do with. I hit a few fish that morning mostly dogs but I also had a small Bass, Dab, small Huss and another Smoothound. The wind was picking up and the lack of sleep was catching up with me so I called it a day at 11am. I stayed around and chatted for awhile and watched on as the lads fished away.
A good mixed bag of species over the 2 days followed by the usual banter that night, what else could I asked for.
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More pics here http://anthonybyrnekayakangler.blogspot ... -meet.html
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