Mackers Hole

Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:47 pm

Before you read any further I will start by saying "NO THIS IS NOT PORN". Although there was some good looking fish caught

Some weeks back my buddy showed me some new grounds in Dublin. Having been fishing Dublin Bay since I was a small child I was dumb founded by the results I had that week. To explain further- Smoothounds are a species of fish common to the East Coast of Ireland in the summer months. I have only ever had them in the evening time running into darkness and in fast flowing waters usually shallow 20-30 ft. Again peeler crab was the only bait I have had them on in the past. This new mark threw a spanner in the works and everything I thought I knew was now __ out the window. Smoothounds in broad day light on peeler, on hard backs, on rag worm and even on squid. It was only right that I name this mark "Mackers Hole" after my good buddy Macker.
Mackers Hole 017_475x356.jpg

The usually early start came round and I set about my way to the launch site where I was to meet Graham but unfortunately a mix up in comms meant Graham wouldnt get out until the evening. Its a decent paddle to Mackers Hole about 2km or so, not to bad with the tide with you but a right devil coming back in. Got to the mark and dropped the anchor. Didnt have to wait long for the first hound to appear no monster size but a decent scrap on the lighter Rovex rods.
Mackers Hole 001_475x356.jpg

From there on the hounds were very active one after another. Every peeler that went down came back up with a lovely hound on the hook. I also switched to rag worm for a few small species like Dabs but again the hounds were on the feed and even took the rag worm although I did manage one Dab for the day
As things were fishing good I decided to try a pennel rig with a whole calamari squid for bait and I wasn't disappointed, in fact it nearly fished as well as the crabs, In the last 3 years I had spent a fair bit of time chasing the Smoothound but Mackers Hole has made me re-think my approach. These are a wonderful sporting fish and those in search of a good scrap will not be disappointed, remember to set that drag before you set out!
Mackers Hole 014_475x356.jpg

Next week is the Annual Irish Kayak Angling meet which is held in Cahore Wexford and the main targets are Bass and Smoothounds, another great chance to catch these wonderful species. If your around the area why not pop by and say hello. Until then tight lines
Mackers Hole 025_475x356.jpg

Full report-
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Re: Mackers Hole

Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:06 pm

good report anto, some nice hounds about, had a beauty jump clean out of the net yesterday then throw the hook, i was sick for a while as this one would have been at least 10lb :( got a fine tope to take my mind off it in the end :lol: :lol:

Re: Mackers Hole

Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:32 am

That's a fine size for a hound !
I seen the tope John an absolute whopper!!!