Fri May 16, 2014 10:14 pm

This week seen me head to a mark in the Dublin/Wicklow area. 4.30am start meant I would be on the water for 6.00. The weather was to be hit and miss but I should have been sheltered for the most part of it. On Monday I was to use two rovex 8-14lb rods and the rovex lure rod. It was a rising tide on flood at 10.30. The only down side to this is it would get a bit choppy when the tide started to run against the wind. A short peddle out to the chosen mark and dropped anchor. One rod baited with rag and the other with peeler. The peeler have been working best round these parts lately, starting to cost me a small fortune :) Sure enough it was working again with a wee codling first up.
Monday 003_475x356.jpg

This was to be one of three codling that morning which all fell to peeler or a combo of peeler and rag. The pollack were soon knocking around as well. No huge sizes but good to see them and hoping the bigger siblings will soon follow.
Monday 004_475x356.jpg

I was starting to feel the cold setting in so decided to peddle out to some deeper water. At the very least the peddle would get the blood flowing. At this point I was fishing 60ft of water and drifting at about 1knot. The fish finder was showing a clean bottom so I didn't mind drifting where as the first mark is a tackle grave yard. A 500m drift produced a few pin whiting and a dogfish.
Monday 005_475x356.jpg

Forgetting that I had my anchor still at the first mark I had to travel back to collect it, sure while I was there I decided to stay put for awhile to see what could happen. As if some one knocked on the switch the fish were coming on board fast. Wrasse, pollack, poor cod and then the other two codling. It was a busy 20 minutes or so but as soon as it came on it stopped. A sudden death !
Monday 007_475x356.jpg

Monday 023_475x356.jpg

Hauled up the anchor and headed to a mark I have never fished before. From the charts it looks to be a clean gully with rocks on one side and sand on the other. I was hoping the bait fish would swim up the gully followed by the predators then |I could nab them as them chased their dinner but no such look it was whiting after whiting after flipping whiting. Below is a clip of a small fish which was in the mouth of the codling, looks like a small sand eel
Monday 034_475x356.jpg

Tuesday was a similar start but the wife had given me a curfew. So no hanging about up ready and gone. Ate breakfast while driving. Same launch, same marks but different baits. Today was to be a mix of rag, lug and squid. Dear lord it was a quiet start. Getting little nibbles which were the poor cod but where were all the bigger lads gone. Stayed around the rough ground which produced one pollack and then headed out to deeper waters which was dominated by the ferocious pin whiting. Back into the rough which showed up a small codling but that was it for 4 hours fishing. Amazing what difference 24 hours can have on a mark
Tuesday 002_475x356.jpg

Just about curfew time (10am) I decided to head in as I didn't want to be grounded for next weeks trip north to Donegal. The Irish Kayak Angling annual meet is on. Should be great fun. Fingers crossed on a tope !
Tight Lines
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