April codling

Thu May 01, 2014 10:50 pm

The north easterly winds killed me over the weekend, its the only wind that I cant find shelter from on my usual mark so the furthest I got out was a trip in Dun Laoghaire Harbour which only produced pin whiting. More than I could count not to mention been stalked by the local population of seals. :?
Tuesday came round and I was sitting in the office looking out the window, it was the most glorious day I have seen this year. Not a breath of wind nor a cloud in the sky and the thermostat reaching 18 degrees. Feck this I thought, a quick spin home pick up the kayak and I was on my way. As I was getting geared up I noticed one of my rovex rods was damaged on the top eye. Dam shame as its only 3 weeks old, a quick chat with Dessy and Karl in Southside Angling and the problem will be sorted. Thanks lads. ;)
So I was now down to just two rods and one was a lure rod. Quickly geared up and headed out to deep waters where there was nothing to be had so I drifted over 1km of clean ground jigging rigs and dropping baits but again nothing. Starting to panic I headed to some rough grounds for wrasse, pollack and hopefully codling. Soon as I got tied off the codling appeared :D
April codling 002_475x356.jpg

I forgot what good sport they can be especially as I was using a lure rod. At first they were hitting the rag but a quick change to crab and these lads were hitting hard. As if it wasn't bad enough to damage a rod earlier on, I was then sitting baiting up some crab when I knocked my gemini Tbar over the side. Feck I thought and kicked the kayak in anger only to kick my flipping forceps straight over as well. Absolute disaster, but get this; as I was reeling in my next line I snagged the fecking Tbar back. I wouldn't believe it only for it happened me. Not so bad eh :P
April codling 010_475x356.jpg

After awhile I changed back to the rag worm for a go at pollack or wrasse. The rods were taking a few hits but not connecting so another change of rigs to smaller hooks started to produce the first wrasse of my season in Dublin followed shortly by two more on the other rod. Great to see them appear especially this early in the year. Such a sporting fish, tough aul brutes!
April codling 008_475x356.jpg

April codling 009_475x356.jpg

As I was then sitting minding my own business I starting to hear voices (NOT AGAIN). WTF I thought, have I gone mad. A quick look around and still seen no one. Again a few minutes later another shout this time getting louder followed by another. By this time things were getting the better of me and I decided to peddle to the shore to check things out only to find Nanny and Grandad with my two boys standing on the rocks.
April codling 005_475x356.jpg

At this stage I was just glad to know I wasn't mad, great to see the kids looking on. I cant wait until they are both a little older and we can enjoy some trips together. Back out for a peddle I went. It was an excellent evening on the water producing some nice wrasse and sporting codling not to mention a small whiting. I've already the alarm clock set for the weekend ahead. :lol:
Few more pics on my blog http://anthonybyrnekayakangler.blogspot.com/2014/05/spring-codling.html?spref=fb
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Re: April codling

Fri May 02, 2014 9:01 am

Great fishing and report 8) Unbelievable luck on the T-bar, did you try a drop or two for the forceps as well?! Great to see the wrasse back too.

Re: April codling

Fri May 02, 2014 6:57 pm

Nice fishing Anthony, well done.

Re: April codling

Sun May 04, 2014 1:23 pm

Nice fish. Well done

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