Dublin evening session

Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:57 pm

Its been a bit of a struggle lately to get time on the water, high winds and family have been testing my patience :) Saturday came and things were no different the winds were blowing 15knots and gusting near 30 knots. Coming from a southerly direction meant I would be able to find shelter on some rough ground in Dublin. 6.30pm came on I was soon cruising on the motorway watching the winds blowing the kayak from side to side. By 7.30 I was geared up and launched. The swells were between 3-5ft but I did find shelter from the wind.
Dublin Night session 018_475x356.jpg

I first set about a few drifts as I was worried about tying off. The fish finder was alive and jumping but the fish weren't biting. After a few drifts I decided to find a buoy to tie off and I soon produced this wee lad.
Dublin Night session 019_475x356.jpg

Decided to change rigs in the hope of a fish, flowing traces were put on with rag. I took a decent knock but lost it to the rocks below, it wasnt the only fish I lost to the rocks that night.Two in total and another ten rigs. As the darkness fell I moved further into the bay where the swells were less, dropped anchor and fished away. I then felt a small rattle which produced this fella
Dublin Night session 020_267x356.jpg

Dublin Night session 021_475x356.jpg

It was soon dark with rain pouring from the heavens and the wind blowing. I was a beaten man but glad I didn't blank. The next four weeks should start seeing the fish turn up and feeding again.
Or so I hope :P
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