Wheres all the fish gone

Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:36 pm

With the ridiculous weather we have been having lately its been 3 months since I last fished my home grounds on the east coast of Ireland. So Sunday gone I was up at 5am a quick chat with the dog over breakfast and I was on my merry way. 30 minutes later and I was looking out onto Dublin Bay, the wind was against the tide and causing it to be fairly lumpy after what seemed like 5 hours I was eventually geared up :oops:
Bullock 035_475x356.jpg

Onwards I peddled out to 40 ft of water and set about a couple of drifts, lug worm and mackerel was the bait choices. Unfortunately it was very quiet and the only thing the dubby attracted was a huge seal :x . With two hours passed I headed for some shelter in the bay. In the distance I could see my good friend John Hughes cruising in his boat towards me 8-) .
Bullock 037_475x356.jpg

Myself and John hung about the same grounds chatting and having the usual Craic. He even showed me his trick of how he turns a two piece rod into a three piece one :)
We were then joined by Mr David Smith and his friend. A meeting of the anglers on a cold windy day, I was glad of the company as the fish weren't about. David was telling me the story of how he thought Graham Smith everything he knows especially how to catch TOPE :shock: :lol: :lol:
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So the fish didnt play ball and the weather made life difficult but it was great to be out and about. Thank god for this wee fellow
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Until next week ..................................................
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Re: Wheres all the fish gone

Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:32 pm

Great report as usual anthony, nice meeting up with yourself again,and nice to put a face to david's name and his crew mate, fishing very slow to say it mildly i only managed plenty of whiting a few dabs and a lone pollack on sunday, i was out yesterday lots of whiting good few dabs and a hand full of dogs, never seen it as bad inshore and i have fished all year round every year for years,in saying that i had a couple of nice fish last week best cod about 3lb, (wheres all the fish gone) is right :?

Re: Wheres all the fish gone

Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:50 am

I'd gladly settle for a few cod john. If the wind behaves ill b back out this evening and fish into dark so fingers crossed.
Cheers John