Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:59 pm

Hi all I recently purchased a fishing kayak and being a newbie I am still fairly raw when it comes to where what and when to fish. I was hoping some of you might be able to point me in the direction of some safe productive locations in the hope of catching bass pollack or anything at all really. I have done a bit of boat fishing but mainly I fish from the shore. Anywhere from cork harbour to east cork or west cork. Any info would be greatly appreciated cheers.

Re: newbie

Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:51 pm

Welcome to the dark side ! There's some great fishing down your way ill route out some marks I fished. Practice self rescue before you venture out too far, it will build your confidence and keep you fit! I had good pollock and wrasse in may near schull but the lads can hit great bass in the harbour

Re: newbie

Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:00 pm

Cheers anthony for that at the moment I am trying to stay close enough to shore untill I get my confidence up but really enjoying the freedom you have in the kayak. My first time out was in dingle bay in about a 1meter swell so would like a few outings in calm water to get a feel for what the kayak is capable of.cheers.

Re: newbie

Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:21 pm

Great thing about your part of the country is shelter can be found from all winds. Ever try barley cove?