Sequins and beads.

Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:29 am

Went out in an inflatable around the bank off Dalkey island yesterday evening.
With barely a breeze on the water,The Nephew and I took out identical light outfits
7ft light spinning rods and Abu Cardinal 94 size 4 reels both loaded with 15lb Braid.
The rigs on the other hand were not identical although similar,I had a 2 up 1 down
snelled size 1/0 Aberdeens with 1 Lumi bead and 1 reflective sequin,3oz on top of
the rig with a small 3/4 oz between the bottom snnod and the middle (typical Gurnard rig)
The Nephews rig was the same with the exception of the hook knot being a 1/2 blood and
he had neither sequins or a bead.
I was first to land a brace of small Flounder both about 15cm,released un harmed and
rebaited all hooks and dropped to the bottom again and fished lightly along the bottom (drifting)
within a couple of minutes I was back in again with another small Flounder and a weaver.
The next drop produced a full house of poor cod,all the while the Nephew was steaming :x .
This continued for the guts of 2.5 hours before the nephew FINALLY had somethin' on his
line, it was a Poor Cod and he got it to within a couple of inches to the surface before it decided
it had enough and scarpered :D . At this stage I was up 14-0 when he finally landed a Poor Cod
and 5 mins later a small dab (12cm).
We called it a day after about 3 hours of fishing with the score 14-2 :D :D :D with the best fish a brace of Flounder both about 20cm.
My conclusion was that I am a far better fisherman than my Nephew and didn't mind sharing
this with him but to be honest the only real difference between us was the beads and the sequins.

Tide :just starting to ebb
Wind : really light breeze-direction Southish ?

Re: Sequins and beads.

Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:49 pm

Some times they make a difference there was someone who posted a video profiling there effectiveness ,sorry I can't remember who it was

Re: Sequins and beads.

Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:45 pm