West cork area

Mon May 06, 2013 8:53 am

Im in west cork with the family from the 15th for a few days. The bass ban will be in place so Im looking to target any others species, pollock, ray, wrasse or even bigger species if there about maybe tope.Here are the launch spots ive been looking at and venues around west cork.
1) Schull harbour and surrounding areas
2)Toormoore and surround areas (carrigmore)
3)Dunmanus harbour and maybe fish outside the harbour as it has some deep water.

All of the above look nice and rocky around the shore and are within 30 mins drive from the cottage. I plan on doing early morning sessions and evening session maybe 2-3 hours a go. Any info on the above would be greatly appreciated (tides,hazards and fishing). Chances are it will be me and the father but we practice catch and release. PM's also welcome