Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:20 am

Kayak(s): Hobie outback

Duration:longer than expected

Tide: Dropping

Weather: Sun shining hard but cold

Bait: Squid, razor, peeler, mackeral

Rigs: Shamrock tackle rigs

Results: Whiting

Report: I've been wanting to fish a deepwater mark out near Bray for some time now. According to the charts its 100 ft deep and 2km from shore so that was the target for today. Conditions looked great so off I went on my merry way :D It was a very easy peddle to the mark and barely broke a sweat.Lines dropped down and immediately into a Whiting :x and several more which kept me tipping along for the next twenty minutes. The greedy feckers were attacking every bait that was dropping down even the big baits for the tope :shock: (wishful thinking). About 40 minutes after reaching the mark I noticed the water picking up speed :? No biggie I thought Ill just head in closer. I decided to troll a couple of baits while heading in but one of the lines became entangled in the rudder :shock: which resulted in me going around in circles I had to cut the line At this stage the drift was fierce fast too fast for my liking and I decided to put the foot down. What took about 40 mins to get there took about double that to get back in. Lesson learned the hard way