wicklow 20.06.12

Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:03 pm

Duration: 3 hours

Tide: rising

Weather: calm and overcast

Bait: hokkais, launce, mack

Rigs: flowing trace

Results: dogs, dogs and more dogs

Report: headed down to kilcoole after lunch and launched from the beach. went straight out, stopping to jig for macks every now and then but that was a non-starter. seems there's very few of them down this way at the minute. i've only had one or two in about 8 trips now i'd reckon. can't be helped. after getting bored of searching for macks that don't seem to be there i decided to drop anchor and fish static baits on the deck. wasn't two minutes before the tip started knocking and a dogfish engulfed the half launce baits.


i took another couple of dogs like this before moving to see could i get away from them. i couldn't. everywhere i dropped anchor to fish, i found dogs. i opted to beef things up a bit, there can be good huss as the tidal run starts to slacken off here. i ended up using 8/0 with a trio of launce, wrapped up in a mack fillet with elastic thread - a grand big mouthful for a big huss. but no, still the dogfish plagued me. i went in after three hours fairly confident in the knowledge that it was going to be nothing but dogs for rest of the day. a couple of lads fishing the beach were having the same problem with the dogfish plague. still though, it wasn't a bad auld day to be out.....


Re: wicklow 20.06.12

Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:40 pm

Nice one gary.

Nice way to spend an afternoon none the less.