Dublin 23-12-11

Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:11 pm

Kayak(s): Wilderness 135 (on me lonesome)


Tide: High at 10

Weather:15 knot wind speed but very cold

Bait: Mackerel , squid , mussel , black lug

Rigs: Flowing trace

Results: 1 codling

Report:Decided on an early start this morning . Weather at home was mild with no breeze and things were looking good.Headed to killiney first as it was still dark when i got there i decided the surf was too much for me and i didnt want to be over turned and find my gear all over the beach :? So decided on a rough ground mark near dun laoighre. I knew i wouldn't have any shelter but i could launch easily.30 mins later i was launched and on my way.Headed towards the harbour itself and hooked up to a buoy,dropped a flowing trace with squid and mussel .Not a tap !!!Decided to paddle a hundred metres to another bouy and dropped down again . The bait wasnt touched.Changed bait to mackeral and again not a tap.Had a root through the bait bag and came across a half a lug rap.Sure no harm in trying i thought.Dropped down and straight away on to bites. Lovely,baited up again with lug and another knock that produced a codling no big size but glad to see him.Went to bait up again only to realize i had only 1 lug worm left. :evil: Dropped down again with bites straight away but no takers and then got snagged . Called it a day after that as i was a gobshite and didn't pack extra clothes . It was so mild at home i thouhgt a track suit under the dry suit would be grand but how wrong was I. Couldn't feel me hands or feet.Felt good to get on the water and i was targeting cod so wasn't a total failure.The pics are poor as the camera went dead and the spares were in the LED on the kayak so had to use the phone
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Re: Dublin 23-12-11

Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:53 pm

Fair play for making the effort Anthony.