1st Time in a kayak Tramore Waterford Fri the 13th Aug 2010

Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:23 pm

At the Gilamines, Tramore yesterday Friday the 13th no one was catching from the rocks, so we decided to take out the Kayak this was my 1st time in a kayak never mind fishing off one. We ended up launching the 2 man ocean kayak from the old pier in Tramore at around 5pm, instantly we could tell how calm the water was as we paddled out on what seemed like a lake the water was also really warm.

We headed out into the bay about half a mile from the shore where we decided to start drifting and on our first drop we were both into the mackerel. I was amazed at how a few mackerel could pull the kayak around?

Result we filled the box with 60 plus in about 2hrs including a bit of trawling on the way back in lol. The highlight for me was caching a big one on one of my home made lures, when he came up to the surface he was jumping like a trout :lol: :lol:

When we got back into the pier we thought it would be fun to try for a conger from the kayak, luckily I had packed a conger rig just in case so we dropped a mackerel flapper down into the depths which anchored the kayak in place. Both of us were unsure what to expect if an eel was to take the bait. Has anyone on here got one from the kayak? Unfortunately time wasn’t on our side so we had to head off. Both of us had a great few hours fishing, and have vowed to do it again but earlier in the day so we can try for different species.

Overall the use of the kayak is a very cheap fun method of reaching the areas that are out of range of the shore angler. ease of launch and retrieval compared with a boat is so quick and easy.

Sorry I have no photos, I was going to bring out my camera but its just as well I didn’t because I got soaked. I though I would be staying dry but didn’t mind getting wet on a sunny evening when we were catching fish for a change.

Re: 1st Time in a kayak Tramore Waterford Fri the 13th Aug 2010

Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:34 pm

Good on ye. First time out is usually not great because you are getting used to it. But ye did well.

I have caught a couple of conger from the yak. It's not that easy, with the foul ground. Expect tackle losses. Don't use overly strong line, as you will have to break it off a couple of times. I almost toppled a few times trying to break off 30lb line.

I fished them in mostly shallow water 15-20ft. So I had to just bully them up. If you can get them in deeper water, adjust the drag and enjoy the fight.