reflective butchers- a tale of 3 tips

Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:51 pm

i was impressed with the butchers tape on rods and have used it a few times now casting and fishing and it does a solid job. i still have issue with the synchro xl ring spacings.
the xl is on the bottom in the above picture. you can see the scuffing on the reflective tape which presumably is were the line is coming in contact with it. my other two rods with ring spacings closer to the tip have no issue with this. the xl has 3 x 10mm + 10mm tip as do the other rods. when bending the rod under steady pressure with line through the rings the line does not touch the blank but it seems to be happening in use when casting? should i start the rings closer to the tip 4, 9, 15... instead of 5, 11, 18...

Re: reflective butchers- a tale of 3 tips

Thu Dec 03, 2020 7:49 pm

During the cast (multiplier set up) the line is on the opposite side of the guide away from the blank so I don’t think that’s the issue. The natural curve on most rods doesn’t happen a lot in the top 6inches it’s usually a more progressive curve from around 20-25 inches down and the tip tends to straighten closer to the tip on carbon rods.
Try build it as if it is a glass tip (Bullet GT spacings) and see how you do. But can’t understand why as you say the line is coming into contact with the blank so near the tip with those spacings.
Could it be the leader knot clipping the tape on its way through the top few guides?!

Re: reflective butchers- a tale of 3 tips

Thu Dec 03, 2020 8:46 pm

i think you might be right- the knot used is a blob not so its not too bulky but i think its probably happening after release. it dosnt happen with my other rods with bulkier knots. the mainline doesnt seem damaged and only for the marking of the tape i wouldnt know it was happening. i think i will have to play around with ring spacings.

the only time i have seen something similar is when a rod has been rebuilt with rings slightly smaller than the originals on a fixed spool. thanks again for the help i am a bit out of my depth messing around with ring spacings so it is great to get some advice. i will report back!